Equifax Electronic Invoices are sent directly to your email inbox and are enhanced with interactivity to enable you to perform easy updates to your account, dispute items, and pay your invoice electronically.

Summary of Benefits:

Immediate Delivery - Equifax Electronic Invoices are delivered within minutes of issue. Compare that with the 3-4 days delivery time of paper invoices sent by postal mail!
Easy to Use - Interactive functions enable you to quickly and easily update your account information, dispute items in your invoice, pay your invoice electronically, and request copies of past invoices.
Payment Simplicity - It's easy, fast, and safe to send in your payments electronically. You enter the payment amount and the payment date so you are always in complete control.
Security - Your invoice is delivered each month as a secure attachment to an email message. Secure encryption enables you to safely pay your invoice electronically.
Convenience - You can access your invoices at your convenience; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere you have access to email.
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